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PSYV is the Police Scotland Youth Volunteering  programme that aims to strengthen relationships with young people, break down barriers and promote ways to make Scotland's communities safer.

We're open to applications from young people aged 13 – 17 that wish to gain an insight into policing in Scotland and want to do something positive in their communities.



If you live in Scotland and are aged between 13-15 register your interest. You must attend weekly sessions and attend regular volunteering events in your community and occasionally other parts of the country. 

Please note your local group will only contact you if there are spaces available. Places are limited and in high demand.


PSYV welcomes Adult Volunteers who give up their time to suport their local PSYV group and assist with the supervision of the Youth Volunteers at both local sessions and volunteering events. We also appreciate support with running the group such as treasurer and fundraising. Mentoring youth volunteers is a key part of the learning journey where you get the chance to pass on some of your life skills and experiences. All adulst are required to join the Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme.





Find all the resources for each session that young people take part in to prepare them for volunteering events and activities with PSYV. This resource is for all registered Adult Volunteers and Group Coordinators. Contact your Group Coordinator for the password.



Planning an event?

Invite the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers to assist.

Complete the Event Request form. Your local PSYV Group Coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

Duties to consider that the PSYV have assisted with at previous events include:

  • Meeting and greeting visitors

  • Handing out leaflets/literature

  • Handing out 'I'm lost' wristbands to children 

  • Assisting at refreshment stalls

  • Signposting visitors

  • Lost/found property

  • General assistance


This list is not exhaustive, please specifiy on the form any anticipated duties for PSYV's at your event and the group coordinator will discuss these with you.

Please note, submitting this form does not guarantee PSYV assistance. Demand is high and each one depends on the suitability of the event, the duties and availability. Please give at least one month's notice of your event.



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