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Alcohol First Aid

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Group room or classroom

4 hrs


Introduction This topic from the British Red Cross gives valuable life lessons on staying alive and helping others to do the same. There are two options: A longer 30 minute video session or Five thought-provoking activities based on a three-minute video trigger


On completion PSYV's will: Be able to identify some of the risks associated with a house party and drinking alcohol Be able to identify the risks of an unconscious and breathing person who is lying on their back. Have the knowledge of how to move them onto their side and tilt their head back to help them continue to breathe. Location Group room or classroom Duration 1 to 6 x 30 minute blocks. Resources You will need access to the internet and a screen, computer link to show the video. This is the lesson plan Activity 1: Starter Think about and discuss as a group what could go wrong at a house party? Activity 2: Watch the Film The lesson plan gives a breakdown of each section of the video. Activity 3: Discussion Invite discussion on how individuals would react if this scenario was presented to them in real life, possibly at their own house party? Use the questions and extension questions in the lesson plan to guide you. Activity 4: Who's Done What? There are simple things that anyone can do to help someone who is unconscious and breathing. How can you build confidence in yourself and your friends to do the right thing? Someone who is lying on their back unconscious and breathing is still vulnerble. Their muscles relax and their tongue can block their airway so that they cannot breathe. Discuss how you would check that someone is breathing? Discuss who has carried out any emergency actions e.g: dialing 999 put someone in recovery position done something about friends drinking too much been on a first aid course Activity 5: Pushover Role Play In pairs practise the pushover (it involves physical contact). Person 1 acts as unconscious and breathing, lying on their back. Relax your muscles so that you are not tense and keeping you in position. As a test, if someone raises your hand off the floor and it stays sticking up you are not relaxed yet. Person 2 tilts back person 1's head, looks at their chest to see if it is moving, listens and feels for breath on your cheek. Now move them onto their side and tilt their head back to make sure they keep breathing. In real life you would then need to call 99 and keep an eye ont he person unitl emergency help arrives. Follow Up Remember you need to use a different technique if someone is unresponsive and not breathing. Check out this information from the Red Cross. Try the memory test. Incorporate the words of how to check for breathing, move the person onto their side and tilt their head back into a poster, a rap song or a poem to help you remember the technique.

Alcohol First Aid



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