I am sixteen years old and have been volunteering with Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV) since September 2015, during this time I have been fortunate enough to become involved in a variety of events with people from different backgrounds, religions and cultures. Volunteering with PSYV has allowed me to grow in confidence and as a person, I have picked up a wide variety of communication and interpersonal skills and as a result of my efforts I was promoted to Senior Youth Volunteer within my group.
Since 2015 I have had opportunities and experiences that no other young person or adults will have, I have volunteered at small, local but very worthwhile events in the community such as Elderly tea/safety information tea parties to large scale, high profile events such as the Edinburgh Tattoo where I assisted the Elderly and disabled up the steep castle hill. However, regardless of the scale or popularity of the event, the buzz of excitement I get each and every time I put on the uniform is like no other, knowing that on the conclusion of my duty I will have assisted the public, whether it be by giving someone advice or by putting a smile on an old lady’s face simply by taking time to engage with her, as well as delivering important crime prevention advice in co-ordination with Police Scotland as part of Targeted campaigns. Volunteering with PSYV creates a mass of opportunities to further yourself. As an aspiring Police Constable, PSYV provides me with first-hand experience and knowledge of the Police Service which gives me the upper hand when eventually applying. 
However, during the last year 2017-18, I have experienced a change in circumstances which has resulted in me having to remove myself from my family home in Glasgow and stay with an Aunt in Troon. This was and continues to be a traumatic turn of events for me however with the support of my PSYV group co-ordinator and commanding sergeant, the guidance I received was amazing and during such a difficult time I felt that I had someone to talk to and trust. During this time, I also had a large distance to travel daily from Troon to Glasgow for School to contend with whilst studying for my National 5/ Highers, but PSYV gave me something to focus on and the support I received has been greatly appreciated. During my time with PSYV I have made friends which I believe are friends for life and regardless of backgrounds etc we all unite for a common purpose which is to volunteer for our communities.
PSYV has gave me many personal skills which have led to me being seen as a role model by my peers and requested by co-ordinators from other divisions to assist with the setup of newly founded groups, a recent example of this is where I was chosen to attend PSYV Shotts to assist a new group with Standards, conduct and to teach Drill as I am the lead drill instructor for my group in Glasgow. PSYV has also enabled me to gain a variety of additional opportunities such as being trained as a peer educator in No knifes, better lives, where I deliver inputs to young people in an attempt to prevent knife crime. I have also gained leadership skills whereby, as a Senior Youth volunteer for PSYV, I have the responsibility for taking leadership roles at certain events which allows me to gain experience which I can rely on in later life.

<p/>Although I’ve had a challenging year, I am pleased to announce that after completing my studies with school, with the assistance of PSYV I have been able to successfully gain employment with Police Scotland as a Service Advisor at the young age of Sixteen, one of the youngest members of Police Staff in Scotland and also one of the First youths to go from PSYV to fulltime employment with Police Scotland.


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