This topic introduces PSYV's to the wider topic of emergencies and how to respond to them.


On completion PSYV's will understand:

  • what an emergency is

  • the way an emergency situation can develop in a range of different settings

  • why and how people around the world prepare for emergencies

  • how they, and their families can be better prepared for an emergency in the home, at school or in other situation


Group room or classroom


1 to 6 x 30 minute blocks.


You will need access to the Red Cross website.

Activity 1: Icebreaker

Play the emergency bingo game developed by PJ White and published by the Red Cross. Remember you will need to print copies of the bingo card.

Activity 2: What is an Emergency?

In groups of 3-6 create a large Venn diagram to separate different photos into emergency or not emergency. You will find the Venn diagram PDF, the and the photos ready for

Activity 3: Understanding Risk

This explores times when the phrase 'it will end in tears' comes true. It then moves towards understanding risk: what makes a situation serious or unsafe?

Activity 4: Mapping Disasters

In this activity you will explore emergency situations and how to respond to them. You need the emergency cards for this.

Activity 5: Taking Action

Looking at this wildfires preparation plan, the group will make up a plan for how they would prepare for a fire (or another emergency) that they might experience.

Follow Up

A good follow-up would be a talk from other emergency services such as Fire Brigade and Scottish Ambulance.

Why not invite someone from your local Red Cross centre?


Once you have delivered this session, complete this review.