Take on Life


The Take Life On website gives you great ideas to get coached off the couch.


On completion PSYV's will:

  • Have raised awareness of how to stay healthy and well

  • Know how to lead a fit and active life


Indoors and outdoors.


4 to 8 x 30 minute blocks.


  • If you want to show the video you will need access to the internet, a computer, laptop or mobile device

  • All you need to know about sugar

  • Other resources will vary depending on which activities you choose. See other activities for more details.

Activity 1: Starter

Start by showing the introductory video.

Activity 2: Quiz

Try this quick fire quiz by asking the group to answer with 'myth' or 'fact':

  1. It's okay to skip breakfast (myth)

  2. Most of our salt intake comes from processed food (fact)

  3. Dried fruit isn't as healthy as fresh fruit (myth)

  4. Frozen food is as good for you as fresh (fact)

  5. Bread and potatoes are fattening (myth)

Activity 3: Teaspoon Test

Do the teaspoon test and see how many is a lot, how many is a little.

Instructions: Set out spoons and different ingredients such as sugar, butter, oil, porridge (fibre), salt, baking soda (to represent sodium). Use paper bowls or plates and ask girls to measure out in teaspoons what they think is a lot or a little for the daily intake of each ingredient. Ask them to write how many teaspoons they measured out on each plate.

Then share the answers.

Activity 4: Food Swaps

Now make a list of things that group members like eating which may be too high in fat, sugar or salt. Ask the group to identify food swaps, what could they eat instead? See the link in the resources section as a guide.

Activity 5: Get Active

Now list easy ways to get active e.g. walk to school or do something active at lunch time. If you have access to the internet you could look at this video for inspiration.

Follow Up

Now think about what you can do as a group to be more active. How can you coach other people off the couch?

Find activities in your area.

Look for different ways to get active.

Information and advice on how to eat healthier.

Here are some handy hints.


Once you have delivered this session, complete this review.

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