Mark's Story - Knife Crime


This online toolkit from YouthLink Scotland is designed to be used with the No Knives Better Lives film Mark's Story (One knife, many lives).

The film tells Mark’s story. His night kicks off like any other, but a decision he makes early on will turn his life upside down. And it’s not just his life that’s ruined - his decision affects everyone round about him too. The film is a hard hitting educational resource which highlights the risks and consequences of carrying a knife.


Based on research with young people and parents the central message is that if you carry a knife you may end up using it. And if you do, you run the risk of ruining the lives of those close to you, not just the person you stab. On completion PSYV's will:

  • Raise awareness of the risks of carrying a knife

  • Learn about wider consequences of knife carrying

  • Learn techniques to minimise and manage risks


Group room or classroom


4 to 8 x 30 minute blocks.


  • Find out more about the ethos needed and tips and techniques for delivering these materials here. This will also lead you to guides on 'good interventions' and 'strengthening skills' for doing issue based work.

  • You will need a PC/Screen or an alternative way to show the video.

  • Each activity has it's own materials integrated into the website.

Activity 1: Starter

Watch the video and try the Mark's Map activity. It is about identifying all the people surrounding Mark and whether they have a positive push or negative pull on Mark and the decisions he makes.

Activity 2: Resilience Builders

There are four different activities to try in the 'Resistence Builders' section. They take a closer look at the the points in the story where Mark has a decision to make in Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. It then moves onto creating an alternative ending using storyboard software in Storyboard. May the Force be with You uses a technique to explore the things which help and hinder changes you try to make in your life. The STAR Reflection is a way of reflecting on what group members learn from doing these activities.

Activity 3: Activities

In the Activities section there are a range of interactive 'game' style activities to try as a group, for example:

  • Who's in Control?

  • Circle of Influence

  • A Relationship Must Be...

  • Where do you Stand?

  • How far would you go?

Follow Up

Reflecting back on these activities, consider what PSYV can do with them. For example your group might be interested in using some of the activities to create a Peer Education session that you can deliver to schools or youth clubs based on Mark's Story.

Perhaps it would be good for some PSYV members to give parents training based on Mark's Story to give them a better understanding of the issue. It's possible that your group are keen to share their learning with police officers or teachers. Make a plan about how you will spread the word and help reduce knife carrying and crime in Scotland.

Other resources are available on knife carrying and knife crime on the NKBL website.


Once you have delivered this session, complete this review.

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