PSYV Code of Conduct

Pre-Session Info

As part of the Initial Training Programme, each group should parade at the start and end of each lesson. A parade should consist of basic drill training to prepare YV’s for their passing out parade. Information and guidance on drill can be found here.


This resource guides you through Module 1, Unit 2 Initial Training Programme (Activity 1) on the code of conduct.


On completion PSYV's will:

  • Become familiar with the content of the Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • Demonstrate and understanding of the Code of conduct by completing the quiz correctly.


Group room or classroom


It is anticipated that you will require 1 hour to deliver this lesson. Please consider any time you require to plan/prepare by going over the lesson plan in advance.


The PSYV Code of Conduct

Activity 1: Starter

The GC or AV running the session should have a copy of the Code of Conduct with them. Split the group into three groups and ask each group to come up with a set of rules:

  • The first group should come up with rule for how YV’s should act when attending weekly sessions at their venue.

  • The second group should think about rules that they think they should follow when attending volunteering events.

  • The final group should think of rules about how the YV’s behave now they are a YV OUTWITH the group/volunteering, so in general. What’s changed/or important now they are a YV?

The groups then feedback to the everyone one group at a time. Encourage a bit of debate if people disagree. Based on the actual code of conduct, feedback on their input against what it says, cover things they maybe didn’t mention.

Activity 2: Why Values Matter

Our values guide what motivates us, our attitudes and the way we behave, whether we are conscious of it or not. Ask the question, what did these people value?

Walt Disney (Answer: imagination, creativity and fun)

Steve Jobs (Answer: Simplicity, Design, Quality)

In small groups see if group members can generate a list of values they have and try to identify where they come from. For example it could be some of the following:

  • interests

  • important people in our life

  • how we were brought up

  • our political persuasion

  • our worries and concerns

Write them on a sheet and arrange them into two circles - one large and one smaller one inside the large circle. The small circle should list the values group members have in common and the outer circle will contain all the values that group members hold individually (not common to others).

Feed the results back to the wider group. Now think about the following:

  • Do we have to alter our values when we are part of a bigger group or organisation (for example at school)?

  • Do we reflect our values in the way we behave?

Activity 3: Model Making

Hand out copies of the PSYV Code of Conduct & Ethics. Give members a chance to read through it and ask questions to make sure they understand it.

Using play dough, clay or plasticine (lego figures also work well), work in small groups to depict 'scenes' that demonstrate good conduct and ethics in PSYV. A good tip is to use speech bubbles with the conduct rule or ethic. Take photos of them and post them on the PSYV social media page. It's a good idea to have large sheets of coloured paper as a background, or you can use bits of painted cardboard box. Some quick creations are all that's needed here, but if the group like this kind of activity you can spend more time developing the ideas.

Follow Up

Following this input, ALL YV’s are required to log into Moodle BEFORE the next session and within the ‘Youth Volunteer Induction’ course, they are required to click into and read the PSYV Code of Conduct. ALL YV’s will thereafter be marked as having read, agreed and understood the code of conduct. If YV's do not agree or do not understand, you MUST speak to your Group Coordinator/Adult Volunteer who will assist.

PSYV Award Assessment


This assessment is in the form of a quiz. Please brief the Youth Volunteers as follows:

  • The quiz can be accessed on Moodle under ‘Module 1, Initial Training Programme / Code of Conduct / Code of Conduct Quiz.

  • The quiz consists of 5 questions.

  • The pass mark is 4 out of 5.

  • They have two attempts to complete. After this their AV mentor will require to review their answers and assist them with the learning prior to allowing them to re-try the quiz.

The brief prior to the quiz explains what the YV’s are required to do.

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