Evaluating Your Leadership Potential


This resource guides you through Module 3, Unit 1: Evaluating Your Leadership Potential (Activities 1, 2 & 3)


On completion PSYV's will:

  • Explore their potential

  • Identify their strengths

  • Apply and develop their strengths within PSYV


A lot of this unit can be done at home at YV's own pace. However we expect Group Coordinators and Mentors to make time each week to chat to YV's about the activities and give them information and support to complete the work.


This unit is expected to take a notional 10 hours.


This unit uses resources from the My World of Work website. Make sure that YV's undertaking Module 3 have completed registration here. It's not essential for the first activity but it helps to have an account where your results are stored. YV's can continue to use the other resources made available to them on the site.

Activity 1: About Me

In this activity YV's will complete a picture quiz which gives YV's feedback about themselves. It is based on a theory by John L Holland. He found you can break interests down into six basic types, which relate to jobs and work environments.

It will give YV's their top three strengths e.g. Creative or Investigative. Discuss on a one to one or in small groups what these results mean. Were there any surprises?

YV's should take a screen shot or save a copy of their results. To add a submission they can type text into the box provided and/or upload a copy of their results. They should answer the two questions:

  1. What three things did the quiz highlight about you?

  2. In what way will these strengths be useful to you as a PSYV Senior Youth Volunteer?

If it's of interest YV's can go on to look at their career suggestions. It's also possible to find out more about the careers and compare them.

[N.B. If YV's have already completed this quiz at school for example, they should access their results and think about them within a PSYV context or alternatively try updating the quiz to see if results change].

Activity 2: Identifying Your Strengths

This time, using the same website and account, YV's will continue onto the strengths quiz. It asks a series of questions to discover what YV's do well, how often and what they like doing most. This starts to give a more detailed account of the strengths used often and those used less often.

Once YV's have completed the questions discuss the following:

  • How do the results make them feel?

  • What are they most pleased with?

  • Which of these strengths do they use in school?

  • Which ones do they use in PSYV?

  • Does it identify careers which they are interested in?

  • Are there ways they could develop the strengths they use less often?

To submit to the PSYV learning platform YV's should save and upload a copy of their strengths report.

Activity 3: Applying Strengths

YV's are required to complete the form provided to identify which core qualities and strengths they have and how they hope to apply them within PSYV. Mentors should discuss with YV's positive examples they have observed of them in action. For example:

  • Helping someone that didn't understand something

  • Asking questions

  • Giving information

  • Turning up on time

  • Helping people to stay safe

What is important here is that YV's show that they have thought about their strengths within the PSYV context and understand the benefits they bring.


The assessment for this unit is formative:

Unit 1 Activity 1: Explore Your Potential This activity engages YV’s in a self-discovery diagnostic tool. The online course requires YV’s to upload three things that that the quiz highlighted and comment on ways these are useful within PSYV.

Unit 1 Activity 2: Identifying Your Strengths This activity engages YV’s in a follow-up questionnaire on strengths. A copy of the strengths report is to be submitted to Mentors.

Unit 1 Activity 3: Applying Your Strengths in PSYV For this activity YV’s are asked to submit a form to Mentors describing their core qualities and strengths and how they plan to apply them within PSYV.

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