Vin Diesel's Socks


This resource from Into Film has been produced in partnership with The Industry Trust, The Intellectual Property Office and FACT to stimulate debate and discussion on the issue of respect for IP (Intellectual Property) and provide students with information about where to download films legally, recent Creative Content UK (CCUK) initiative, how to protect their own work and opportunities in the Creative Industries, which are protected by intellectual property legislation.


On completion PSYV's will:

  • consider the impact and ethics of film piracy,

  • the impact of dowloading a film illegally on the creative industries and on creative individuals like themselves


Group room or classroom


4 x 30 minute blocks.


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Activity 1: Starter

Start by getting discussion going about whether or not it is a crime to watch a film you haven't paid for?

Now watch the trailer on slide 3

  • Think about and discuss why people distribute and upload films illegally?

  • What are the consequences of doing so?

  • Should things that are online be free?

  • Should you do things just because you can?

Activity 2: Vin Diesel's Socks

Watch the film about Vin Diesel's Socks.

What is the main message of the film?

Questions: How much does copyright theft equate to being lost from the UK economy?

Answer: £1.2 billion

Activity 3: Next Generation Skills

Anyone that creates something, including all PSYV members can claim copyright. It is automatic and easy to do.

  • Can YV's think of things that they might want to copyright?

  • Are there ways we can do more to protect copyright?

  • Where can you go to make sure you are lawfully accessing creative industry productions?

Activity 4: Star Wars Clip

The industry believes that moments like these are worth paying for, what do you think?

-Show the Star Wars clip

Follow Up

Explore more about intellectual property with this powerpoint from Into Film

Act out a debate with a friend or family member that is trying to download content without paying. How do you enter the subject with them?

Organise a film fundraiser night where everyone says which item in the film they are paying for - provide a list in advance. Show the Vin Diesel's Socks film before the main event.

The Next Generation Academy video refers to the many skills needed in the creative industries. Develop a challenge to the group to explore what courses and training they can do that would prepare them for the creative industries of the future.


Once you have delivered this session, complete this review.

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