Exploring Leadership


This resource guides you through Module 3, Unit 2: Exploring Leadership (Activities 1, 2 & 3)


On completion PSYV's will:

Learn about different leadership styles

  • Learn about different leadership styles

  • Identify leadership theories

  • Contribute to a discussion on leadership in PSYV


A lot of this unit can be done at home at YV's own pace. However we expect Group Coordinators and Mentors to make time each week to chat to YV's about the activities and give them information and support to complete the work.


This unit is expected to take a notional 10 hours.


Presentation on Leadership

Leadership Handout and Worksheet

Activity 1: Exploring Leadership Styles

Give the presentation on leadership styles to your group. Different people adopt different styles often as a reflection of their personality and their reading of the situations they are in.

Make sure YV's have the handout on leadership styles (above) and have read about different styles.

Show this video on some of the negative effects of leading by the wrong example (from NAPCAN's campaign on Child Friendly Australia)

Now have a look at the other side of the coin and hear from top international Chief Executives on 'Leading by Example in Company Culture' (from BBC News - Business)

In your group session, look at the presentation on leadership styles (above) and discuss the following:

  • Identify someone that you think has set a good example for others. This could be someone you know, a sports, music, TV or film personality, a teacher, a PSYV leader and so on.

  • Discuss what it is that made/makes them a good leader

Here we see some of those styles displayed in clips from the film Braveheart - the story of William Wallace. (Because this presentation uses a lot of film clips, it might take a while to download but we think it's worth waiting for).

To play this prezi presentation on Leadership, click the 'start prezi' icon in the middle of the screen. When you can see that all the images have downloaded (be patient it takes a few moments), click the icon to view it in full screen. When you are ready click the forward and back buttons at the bottom. The video clips will start automatically.

For this activity YV's are asked to describe a leadership style that they think will be effective in PSYV as follows:

  1. Describe your chosen leadership style

  2. Explain the situation or context where you would adopt this style

  3. Discuss why you think this would be effective

Responses should be added to the worksheet and saved to individual files and uploaded to the PSYV learning platform. Mentors can then provide feedback on responses.

Activity 2: Leadership Theories Quiz

Individually or as a group, watch the video on Ten Leadership Theories in Five Minutes by Professor Zigarelli

Discuss the different theories and what they mean:

  • Can YV's think of examples of famous people that represent these theories?

  • Can they identify with one that is well suited to them?

  • Are there times where one approach is more appropriate than others? (e.g. in war, in childcare, in a football team etc.)

Make sure that YV's have a grasp of the basic theories and the differences between them. They need to answer all questions in the quiz accurately before moving on.

Activity 3: Leadership in PSYV Discussion

Individually or as a group, watch this video with examples of leadership displayed in different movie characters. Can YV's identify any of the theories or styles they learned about in activity 1 & 2?

To complete this activity YV's are required to contribute to an online forum on leadership in PSYV. In the forum we expect to see evidence of some of the learning about theories and styles to emerge in the discussion.

Before YV's write a contribution to the online discussion, practise by having a one to one or small group discussion with YV's about the following:

  • What makes an effective leader?

  • Is it possible to be too young to be a leader?

  • Is it better to adopt one style and stick to it or should you adapt to different people and different settings?

  • Do you need to be good at giving motivational speeches to be a good leader?

  • How might you use these different styles and qualities from the videos within PSYV?

When YV's make a good point which they can explain, encourage them to submit this to the forum. Mentors should join in the with discussion and give encouragement. YV's should submit at least one topic to the forum.

Tip: If you have a few YV's working on this module it would work well to give each of them one of the questions and ask them to lead the discussion.


The assessment for this unit is formative:

Unit 2 Activity 1: Exploring Leadership Styles This activity engages YV’s in interactive multimedia presentations which identify contrasting leadership styles. After taking part in group and/or paired discussions YV’s are required to submit a worksheet describing an example of a leadership style that they think will be effective in PSYV, explain a situation or context the style would be adopted and discuss why it would be effective.

Unit 2 Activity 2: Leadership Quiz The quiz includes a presentation on the Ten Leadership Theories and allows YV’s to demonstrate an ability to identify leadership qualities through accurately answering the questions.

Unit 2 Activity 3: Leadership in PSYV This activity requires YV’s to watch another video on leadership styles and then contribute to a forum discussion on effective leadership. Each YV is required to contribute at least once to the forum.

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