Larger Than Life - Games


Here we are showing you ways to put a spin on some well known games. Simply watch the videos. Use similar resources, or improvise. Most of all, have fun!


On completion PSYV's will:

  • To develop team building skills

  • To learn problem solving skills

  • To create new games and ideas

  • To introduce planning and budgeting

  • To develop physical and coordination skills

  • To develop social interaction and communication skills


Games hall or large area outside


4 to 8 x 30 minute blocks.


Each game will take at least one session (3 x half hour blocks) to create and one half hour block to play, although we're sure you'll want to keep playing them in the weeks to come. You can pick just one game as an 8 week project if you include planning, budgeting and making as well as playing the game.

Activity 1: X and O

Activity 2: Hungry Hippo

Activity 3: Mario Kart Battle

Activity 4: Angry Birds

Activity 5: Giant Kerr Plunk

Follow Up

As a follow up to this you can reflect on what you have learned. This will depend on how you went about creating your life sized giant game. You can also think about other popular games that you can create a life-sized version of.

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