Pocket Notebook

Pre-Session Info

As part of the Initial Training Programme, each group should parade at the start and end of each lesson. A parade should consist of basic drill training to prepare YV’s for their passing out parade. Information and guidance on drill can be found here.


This resource guides you through Module 1, Unit 3 Initial Training Programme - Pocket Notebook.


On completion PSYV's will:

  • Understand why it is important to use pocket note book correctly

  • Understand what SCRUB means…

  • Understand what ELBOWS means


Group room or classroom


It is anticipated that you will require 2 hours to deliver this lesson. Please consider any time you require to plan/prepare by going over the lesson plan in advance.


Presentation - link here to view in full window

YV's will be issued their own notebook

Exercise template - for use by GC's/AV's

Notebook Practice Paper - as part of prior planning print enough for each YV to practice on (2 sheets each).

Phonetics Aide Memoir - Group Coordinators should print enough copes of this so that each YV can keep a copy in the back of their notebook.

Activity 1: Presentation

Start by presenting these slides on Pocket Notebooks.

Activity 2: Memorise

It's important that they have memorised the acronyms SCRUB and ELBOWS.

Therefore we want them to split into two (or four) groups and make up a song to a popular tune that incorporates the terms. They can use something traditional like a nursery rhyme or something more contemporary.

For example you could try replacing the lyrics of 'Cold Water' with words related to the ELBOW acronym.

'No Scrubs' by TLC is just waiting for you to change the words!

When ready, each group will perform to each other.

PSYV Award Assessment


The assessment for this activity is a 5-question quiz which can be accessed on Moodle. Please advise youth volunteers on the following points:

  • The quiz is on Moodle under Module 1: Initial Training Programme / PSYV Notebook Quiz

  • They have 2 attempts to complete. After this their mentor needs to review their learning before allowing them to re-try.

YV's are required to get 4 out of 5 questions correct.

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