Radio Procedures

Pre-Session Info

As part of the Initial Training Programme, each group should parade at the start and end of each lesson. A parade should consist of basic drill training to prepare YV’s for their passing out parade. Information and guidance on drill can be found here.


This resource guides you through Module 1, Unit 3 Initial Training Programme - Radio Procedures.


On completion PSYV's will:

  • Use radios responsibly

  • Identify key parts of the radios

  • Use correct terminology when communicating


Group room or classroom.

The exercises can be done outside.


It is anticipated that you will require 2 hours to deliver this lesson. Please consider any time you require to plan/prepare by going over the lesson plan in advance.


Activity 1: Presentation

Start by introducing the topic in slides 1 to 4.

For slide 5 use an actual radio to demonstrate the functions.

For slide 6,7 & 8 ask YV's to work in pairs and practise the commands (pretending that they have a radio at first)

For slide 8 in the same pairing, use the commands and give the other person your name using the phonetic alphabet.

For slide 9 you can simply ask the group and see who gets the answer first or split into teams and make it into a quiz. If you have a draw, the winning team can be the first team to complete slide 10.

Radio Procedure Fun Quiz

Activity 2: Practical Exercise

As in the presentation split into your three teams and take two radio’s per team. In your team split into two team sub-teams of 4 taking a radio each making sure you have a note of everyone’s call signs. Each sub groups should move to opposite ends of your venue.

In turns practice calling up someone in the other sub-team using what you have learnt. You will then have the chance to reply to each other…Practice speaking on the radio by passing the following message…

Person 1 - (Call sign) to (Call Sign)Person 2 – Go ahead, over.Person 1 – Can I pass you the details of the missing person, over?Person 2 – Roger, pass details, over.Person 1 – His / her name is (your name) that’s spelt (spell your name over the radio using the phonetic alphabet.

Practical Exercise Handout

You can challenge teams by giving some more difficult messages to convey. For example you could have a lost phone being handed in and have the groups communicate the make and model number.

PSYV Award Assessment


The assessment for this activity is a 5-question quiz which can be accessed on Moodle. Please advise youth volunteers on the following points:

  • The quiz is on Moodle under Module 1: Initial Training Programme / Radio Procedures Quiz

  • They have 2 attempts to complete. After this their mentor needs to review their learning before allowing them to re-try.

  • YV's are required to get 4 out of 5 questions correct

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