Missing Persons


This resource guides you through Module 2, Unit 2 Initial Volunteer Experience - Reporting Missing Persons


On completion PSYV's will:

  • Understand the role of PSYV in relation to Missing Persons when attending PSYV events.


Group room or classroom


It is anticipated that you will require 2 hours to deliver this lesson. Please consider any time you require to plan/prepare by going over the lesson plan in advance.


Missing Persons Aide Memoire

Activity 1: Starter

Give out copies of the aide memoire. Make sure YV's are clear that when on duty they must report this immediately to a police officer.

Activity 2: Exercise

Discuss what types of things might need to be taken into consideration if someone reports a missing person? E.g. panic, upset etc. With this in mind work in pairs, taking turns to be the reporter and a YV taking the report.

View this presentation. Brief an adult volunteer who is not wearing uniform to enter the room for a moment during the presentation, speak to the GC.AV delivering the lesson and leave. This will form part of the 'Describe them' activity' in the presentation.

Activity 3: QUIZ

YV's are required to accurately answer the quiz questions. Mentors will be notified on completion.


The assessment for this activity is a 6 questions quiz which can be accessed on Moodle. Please advise youth volunteers of the following points:

  • The quiz is on Moodle under Module 2: Unit 1: PSYV Knowledge & Skills Development/Missing Person Quiz

  • They have 2 attempts to complete this. Afterward their mentor needs to review their learning before allowing them to re-try.

  • They are required to get 5 out of 6 questions correct.

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