An Introduction to First Aid


This resource guides you through Module 2, Unit 2 Initial Volunteer Experience - Introduction to First Aid


On completion PSYV's will:

  • Receive an introduction to First Aid skills


Group room or classroom


The notional time allocated to this topic is 4 hours. This includes 2 hours as part of a group session. First aid can be revisited regularly in your group, looking at different situations and how to deal with them. The more you do this, the more confident group members will be in a first aid scenario.


Access to a laptop and projector or alternative way of showing video content.

First Aid Book

Fast First Aid Tips from the Red Cross

Questions and Answers - Unresponsive and Breathing

Activity 1: Do we need to know first aid?

As a whole group, or in smaller groups make a list of situations where you might need first aid skills. Make sure you identify specific types of incidents and the types of first aid that will be called upon. For example could it be that people faint and are unresponsive, could they cut themselves, broken bones etc.

In PSYV you will need first aid in case you come across anyone requiring first aid at public events. It is also useful to know within your group and as part of your daily lives.

Activity 2: Red Cross Interactive

The Red Cross has a great interactive resource on everyday first aid. You will see the street scene with different characters that can be attended to.

Choose a selection of these to work through as a group. If you have access to laptops and tablets you could have a different scenario on each device and then move round every 20 minutes. You could cover for example sprains and strains; beeding heavily; unresponsive and breathing; unresponsive and not breathing. Make sure the two on being unresponsive are covered. Use the information before each video to act out the scenario in your group.

Unresponsive and breathing

Unresponsive and not breathing

Activity 3: Quiz

For this exercise use the quiz YV's can test themselves using the quiz from the British Red Cross that will allow them to print their own certificate confirming that they have learned basic first aid skills. There are 14 questions. If YV's get any wrong they will need to revisit the topic and try again until you get all 14 correct. YV's are required to upload a copy of their certificate to the PSYV learning platform. Allow time to do this as part of the session or alternatively make sure they have everything they need to do this in their own time.


The assessment for this activity is formative.

Unit 2 Activity 4: Introduction to First Aid: There are a series of videos created by The British Red Cross which introduce YV’s to the basic everyday first aid procedures. YV’s are to engage in learning about and acting out the scenarios as part of their group session. Thereafter YV’s must accurately complete the Red Cross quiz questions and receive the online certificate from the Red Cross, when all questions are answered correctly. A copy of the certificate shall be uploaded to the PSYV learning platform.


Once you have delivered this session, complete this review.

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