About the PSYV learning journey

Pre-Session Info

As part of the Initial Training Programme, each group should parade at the start and end of each session. A parade should consist of basic drill training to prepare YV’s for their passing out parade. Information and guidance on drill can be found here.


This resource guides you through Module 1, Unit 1 Initial Training Programme (Activity 4).


On completion PSYV's will:

  • Know about the PSYV learning journey,

  • know how to use the learning platform and

  • Have an understanding of the assessment requirements


Group room or classroom


It is anticipated that you will require 1 hour to deliver this lesson. Please consider any time you require to plan/prepare by going over the lesson plan in advance.


PSYV Volunteering Award

Activity 1: Introduction

The PSYV Learning Platrom is built using software called Moodle, which is designed by a worldwide community to support the development of learning.

Use this video to demonstrate how the desktop version works.

Use this video to demonstrate how the mobile/tablet version works.

The platform gives YV's a personal PSYV account and automatically tracks submissions to activities as YV's progress along the learning journey. Mentors are notified of any submissions and should give feedback, support and encouragement along the way.

Most of the learning is formative (ongoing assessment), which engages YV's in a variety of activities to demonstrate achievement of the specified outcomes. A record of progress is kept in the Moodle database and can be viewed by Youth Volunteers, assigned Mentors (mentors only see submissions for the volunteers they are mentoring) and Group Coordinators (GC's only see the submissions for their group.

Quizzes have to be answered correctly to proceed to the next activity.

Practical Exercises: As the saying goes 'practise makes perfect' and the PSYV learning experience is grounded in developing skills and knowledge whilst building self confidence and an ability to work and cooperate with others as part of real-life volunteering experiences. The indoor activities, presentations and skills development work is all designed to make sure YV's have the level of knowledge and skills required to become a confident member of the PSYV volunteering team. We want everyone to turn up and know what's expected of them and what role to play in the team.

Activity 2: Watch

YV's are invited to watch this slide show presentation and video to get an overview of the whole PSYV learning journey.

Link here for full screen.

You can view Ruth's video here.

Baseline Review

If YV's have not already done so, please make sure that all YV's have logged in to the Youth Volunteer Induction Course and completed the baseline review.

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