Operating Manual

This is the PSYV Operating Manual.

The Operating Manaual is available here or internally on the PSYV SharePoint site, where you will find the most up to date version of our policies at any given time.

Introduction “The Police Scotland Youth Volunteers is a programme developed to deepen engagement and improve the relationship between young people and the police, whilst identifying opportunities for members to volunteer in their communities”

These documents are intended to provide the relevant Policies and Procedures for those involved in the Police Scotland Youth Volunteer programme.

All Police Scotland Officers and staff will remain subject to existing Police Scotland policies, procedures and discipline. This manual DOES NOT supersede any Police Scotland guidance and should be seen as the policy in relation to how to run and maintain a PSYV group.

If any member of PSYV staff is unsure of the correct procedures to follow at any point then the GC/RC or NC should be contacted as soon as possible for advice. The overriding principal of our policies and procedures is that:


The intention herein is that there is enough flexibility for any Area Command to be able to establish and maintain a PSYV Group, which can operate within this recognised national framework.

Why We Do It The PSYV is provides a safe environment in which young people can learn as individuals, develop positive relationships with the police and actively support their community. We aim to prepare young people for their future by providing varied activities and opportunities to develop qualifications, enhance inter-personal skills and confidence and achieve a sense of pride through volunteering in their communities, whilst supporting local policing priorities. We hope that the PSYV programme will enhance Youth Volunteers opportunities for further education, employment and training.

The PSYV is not a recruitment ground for the Police Service and we cannot guarantee any Youth Volunteer further employment or involvement in the organisation. However, we will offer as much support and guidance as possible to Youth Volunteers with an interest in becoming an AV in the PSYV and actively encourage Youth Volunteers to return to the PSYV as volunteers and mentors after they leave, where appropriate.

We are an inclusive organisation and we are proud that our Youth Volunteers represent the diversity of Scotland. The PSYV offers a fantastic variety of opportunities to the young people involved, many of which would have been well beyond their expectations had it not been for their involvement in the PSYV.


All Adult Volunteers are required to be given access to the following documents which they must read and sign off as having read.

Complaints Procedure

Child Protection Manual

Expenses Policy

Volunteer Policy

Adult Volunteer Statement of Expectation & Code of Conduct

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