Bike for Life by Calum Fielding

This project helps you to learn the basics of bicycle maintenance and how to set up a bike correctly so that it is safe to ride. This session focuses on setting the bike up safely.


  • Being able to adjust the seat height so that your feet and legs are in the correct riding position. 

  • Setting the height of the handlebars so that they are comfortable and their steering is aligned correctly.

RESOURCES In order to carry out this lesson, you will need:

  • A bicycle

  • A set of spanners 

  • A set of Allen keys or a multitool

  • Bike For Life Instruction Manual

You may also benefit from:

  • Bike For Life Instruction Video (see below)

  • Laptop and projector

SETTING This lesson can be delivered outdoors or indoors.  The tutor should stand at the front, with the bike and the participants either sitting facing the Tutor, or standing in a horseshoe around.  Everyone should have a clear and unobstructed view of the bike and there should be at least 2 metres space around the bike to allow for work on the bike to be carried out safely.


Step 1- Start with everyone sitting in a horseshoe facing you.

Step 2 - Put the bike at the front so that everyone could see it, and set up the laptop so that the Bike For Life Instruction Video would be ready to play.

Step 3 - Follow the Bike For Life Instruction Manual Lesson 1, along with the Bike For Life Instruction Video to show the group how to change the seat height. 

Step 4 - Give members of the group the Instruction Manual to follow as I went through the lesson.

Step 5 - After showing the group how to change the seat height, ask one of the members to come up and see if they could set the correct height for themselves.

Step 6 - Now move on to the second part of the lesson which is adjusting the handlebar height. Again, I played the Instruction Video, and once this was finished. Try inviting a member of the group up with their instruction manual to see if they could change the handlebar height to suit them. Discuss with the whole group what went well. Encourage discussion about what works and how they might use this.

Bike For Life Instruction Manual
Download PDF • 1.95MB