Leading an Activity in PSYV

Introduction This resource guides you through Module 4 - Youth Leadership Practice: Unit 1 - Leading an Activity in PSYV Outcomes On completion PSYV's will: Unit 1 Plan and prepare to lead an activity Implement the planned activity Gather feedback from participants Location Group room or classroom and self-study at home Duration The notional time allocated to this whole module is 150 hours. This covers units 1, 2 & 3 and includes time to study for and write the essay and prepare the portfolio for submission. Resources Activity 1: Plan and Prepare an Activity In this unit YV's are required to plan to lead one of the non-accredited activities in the resources section. Make sure YV's sign up and register to access the activities. They will use the STAR template to plan the activity. In the worksheet they will identify the leadership style they will adopt (or it may be a combination of styles). YV's are only required to deliver one week's session and will need to select which part of the topic to will deliver. For example they might pair up with another YV doing this unit and split the topic into two parts over two weeks. Here are some examples of suitable topics for this exercise [Click on the 'non-accredited' tag to filter out the appropriate options]: Emergency Calls Powers & Rights Disaster Zone Different Needs Common Ground Action on Sectarianism In Search of Safety You Decide Bullying Alcohol First Aid Mark's Story - Knife Crime Vin Diesel's Socks Before running the activity YV's are also required to consider any risks by completing the risk assessment template. Mentors and leaders will work with YV's to decide what they are trying to achieve, the resources required, whom they will work with and how long it will take. Make up a timetable of who is leading what session when so that the YV's doing this unit all get a chance to deliver their chosen input, whilst avoiding disruption to the learning path of other YV's working at a different level. Activity 2: Implement the Planned Activity YV's are now ready to go ahead and implement their planned activity. Before starting they are asked to: Negotiate any arrangements with your Coordinator or Mentor Make a note of changes and adaptations which come up as a result of your discussion Have strategies in place that you can use if things need to change or if something doesn't go as planned Get all your resources and materials organised in advance Practise - test it out on your friends and family YV's should also make sure someone is recording evidence, such as taking photos for their portfolio. Activity 3: Gather Feedback from Participants One of the requirements for this task is to get feedback from participants. Therefore there is a standard participant's feedback form that YV's will use and collate the results. A copy of the collated findings will be uploaded to the PSYV learning platform and Mentors will provide overall feedback using the same form to make their own observations and notes from what was observed and the feedback gathered. To collate results YV's should calculate an overall score out of 5 (in Q2) by adding up the ratings and dividing them by the number of participants. Do the same calculation for all rows in Q3. Give a summary of what team members liked most in Q4 and a summary of what participants say you should improve in Q5. Part of what members are observing is how the feedback task was handled. Was it listened to? Was it welcomed openly? Did it lead to a useful discussion? Indications that feedback was being listened to and taken on board should be highlighted. Assessment Unit 1 Activity 1: Plan and prepare to lead an activity: Using the STAR proforma YV’s are required to prepare a plan for delivering one of the PSYV Resource section lessons. They should identify what lesson/part of the lesson they will deliver. They are also expected to comment on the interpersonal skills they will use and any leadership styles and techniques they hope to adopt. Mentors will receive a copy of the submitted plan and comment/give advice on its appropriateness . Unit 1 Activity 2: Implement the Plan: Here the YV’s are required to complete a risk assessment and make practical arrangements for their session. Mentors will receive a copy of the risk assessment. Mentors will be present when the session is being delivered and will complete the observation feedback form (see activity 3). Unit 1 Activity 3: Gather feedback from participants YV's are required to distribute a feedback form and engage participants in a discussion about what worked and why. They will calculate results and submit the collated results #AllTopics #Module4