Scots Law

Introduction The aim of these packs is to introduce pupils in Scottish schools to various aspects of Scots Law. By engaging in a positive manner with Scots Law, the aim is to prevent young people falling foul of the law through ignorance. There are eight packs in total and the judgement of the presenter will dictate which pack is appropriate for the target audience. e.g. the pack on the Law and Motor Vehicles might not be useful with a class of S1 pupils, but very useful for S5/6. Whatever the focus of the pack in question, the pack on Criminal Offences should be used as an introduction. It illustrates the wide range of offences in Scotland of which young people are most likely to fall foul. The presenter must be thoroughly familiar with the pack contents prior to presentation. Further guidance can be found online Please note that all laws are subject to change by legislation of the Scottish and/or British parliaments. Don't forget to try the quiz, which covers all of the topics listed below. Thanks are due to the following for their contribution to these packs:

Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Youth Volunteers John Kyle, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Resources Presenter Instructions - What are Criminal Offences Presenter Instructions - Law on Domestic abuse Presenter Instructions - Law at Home Presenter Instructions - Law at Work Presenter Instructions - Law for Motor Vehicles Presenter Instructions - Law on the Street Presenter Instructions - Law on Marriage and Divorce Presenter Instructions - Law on Parental Responsibilities Presentations Criminal Offences Presentation 'Laws Keep Us Safe' This presentation is relevant to each of the law topics included here. Domestic Abuse Presentation Law at Home Presentation Law at Work Presentation Law for Motor Vehicles Presentation Law on the Street Presentation Law on Marriage and Divorce Presentation Law on Parental Responsibilities Presentation Criminal Offences - Quiz Scots Law & You Questions Scots Law & You Answers Scots Law & You Answer Grid #Nonaccredited #AllTopics