Solar Light Bottles by Ailiya Bilgrami

Learning Outcome: On completion PSYV’s will have worked together in groups and will have learnt how to make a solar light bottle. UN Sustainable Development Goals: Resources: Marker/Pen Paper Cardboard Glue & Wooden Sticks Metal cutter or scissors 2L Plastic Bottles Water Setting: Group room or classroom. This exercise is to be done indoors but can also be done outdoors. Group size: 3 or 4 people per bottle light. Step by Step Guide/Storyboard: Step 1: Before starting the session put on water to boil to get rid of all bacteria and have pure water. Step 2: Start with everyone sitting in the middle and then begin by introducing the topic and explain what resources will be needed. Step 3: Sort YV into groups of 3 or 4 and ask one member of each team to collect the resources. Step 4: Explain steps of how to make the bottle as stated below. Step 5: First, use the base of the bottle to make a measurement of the size of the hole to be made in the cardboard on a sheet of paper. However, this will not be the size of the hole. Use this measurement to make the circle 1cm smaller. Step 6: Cut this out and use this as a template to cut the cardboard. Step 7: In the meanwhile, ask other members in the group to add the boiled water into the bottle followed by two capfuls of bleach. Step 8: Use scissors to make approximately 1cm cuts around the circle like a roulette wheel, with a space of 1cm between each cut. Then fold these cuts upwards. Step 9: Fit in the bottle into the cardboard so that ⅓ (a third) of the bottle is above the cardboard, leaving the rest (two thirds) below the cardboard. Step 10: Apply glue around the bottle and cardboard to ensure it does not fall. Step 11: Ask everyone to clean up any mess made and wash their hands if bleach was spilt on them. Resources: