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PSYV exists to deepen police engagement with young people, breaking down
barriers with traditionally difficult to engage communities and
promoting positive role models.



Welcome to the PSYV website.


Have a look at the videos and stories. Discover more about the training and support you will receive if you are selected as a Police Scotland Youth Volunteer.

If you think you would like to join us, click the 'Join PSYV' button and an officer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note, that unfortunately places are limited. Submitting a form does not guarantee you a place.

Sometimes regular police duties are prioritised and it may take longer than usual to get back to you. Please be patient.

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Norbert, Aberdeen


Haroon, Edinburgh PSYV

Case Studies

The biggest thing that PSYV has done for me is it’s helped me control my anger. I used to get angry about anything and everything. Being in PSVY made me realise it’s better to talk things through when you’re annoyed or angry.

What PSYV do is they support and help you to talk to different people. They put you in situations that make you talk. Before I’d be scared and worried, but by volunteering in different places and meeting different people I tell then my story and they’d tell me their story. It was amazing! You get confidence through telling and learning new stories….Amazing!

Mimi, Glasgow North PSYV

Since joining I have definitely become more confident. Before PSYV I could never speak in public or anything like that. In PSYV you're encouraged and supported to interact with people.

Because PSYV has helped me to take more responsibility for myself and how I act my Mum thinks I am a lot more grown up. Through volunteering and helping people I also appreciate things a lot more

Jade, Dundee PSYV

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Ian, Glasgow East PSYV

The biggest change in me since joining PSYV is they have given me a routine and taught me self-discipline.

Sylvia, Edinburgh PSYV

PSYV has definitely improved me physically, emotionally and in so many ways. When I joined the group I made friends with people from all different backgrounds and that was good because I thought that people that joined would be rich people that could afford to pay for their opportunities.  It’s not so easy for people who aren’t ‘well off’ to access opportunities like this. But PSYV gives a way of everyone doing it.

As a PSYV member you have the opportunity to gain qualifications for the training and volunteering that you do.
You can gain a PSYV Award with SCQF Level 4 accreditation awarded by  the Police Scotland College. This is useful as you move into college, university, work and adult life.


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